In 2001 Mark left the US for a 6 month adventure in Prague, Czech Republic to learn restoration of antique furniture. Within a few months an agent approached him, suggested he come in for an audition, and it wasn’t long until Mark started booking international commercials.  After years of working on commercials while living in Prague he landed a role in the blockbuster film “Wanted” working alongside James McAvoy and Chris Pratt. A year later “Solomon Kane” was in production with director Michael J. Bassett and actor James Purefoy. Mark secured the role of Kane’s soldier in this action/adventure fantasy feature. 2012 brought an opportunity to work alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence on the film “Serena”, directed by Susanne Bier, to be released this year.


Within a year of being in New York City, Mark was chosen for the starring role in an action-packed Taken-esque feature film “The Disappearance of Lenka Wood” where a New York couple’s honeymoon in Turkey is turned upside down when the wife is kidnapped and her ex-military husband has to act quickly, and violently, to get her back alive.